Every home sales transaction begins with discussing your expectations. Your timeline, goals,
and the market historical data will be the key factors in determining the best listing price and a
marketing plan for your property. Your understanding of the pricing strategy will guide you
while responding to offers.

We will gather all of the details of your property and guide you in the preparations you may need
to make prior to listing your home. We may offer advice on staging your home, or recommend
some key investments in upgrades. Your listing will be placed in the local and regional multiple
listing services and our marketing will be launched generating exposure for your property. This
will drive attendance at open houses, produce showings and in turn, result in an offer and
possible offers.

We will convey the details of every offer presented and will guide you with your choices in
accepting, counter-offering, or rejecting the offer. Our agents, have reputations as proficient
negotiators who press for advantageous outcomes for our clients. We will protect your interests,
privacy and arrange the best deal possible.

The next step is that the contract will be drafted and signed, and there usually a home inspection,
an appraisal, and a mortgage commitment deadline. Difficulties along the way can be handled
with the ease that comes from having a seasoned REALTOR®.

Most transactions have challenges. Your agent will know how to answer these questions, advise
you of options and make sure that your sale stays on track. You can count on a Haute Realty
REALTOR® agent’s initiative and their ability to solve problems.

The transfer of your deed and the keys to your home may mean your move to a new home or
new town. Working with Haute Realty, you will be guided by a REALTOR® who has seen to
your best interests with warmth and dedication. We work very hard to provide meaningful
experiences for buyers and sellers.