Haute Staging your home

Haute Staging

Home staging is a must to selling your home. Home staging benefits will help your home spend less time on the market and generate more offers. Staging your home is should promote a lifestyle. You want the buyers to imagine their personal touch to your present home. They can call your present house their home.

If you’ve completely moved out already, consider temporary furniture. You want your house to seem warm as opposed to vacated. Increased days on the market are sure indicators of homes that haven’t been staged. We can give you important home staging tips so that your home sells quickly.

Begin with this haute staging advice and you’ll notice that your home sits fewer days on the market :

Curb Appeal

What do you notice first about the home when you drive up? Try to view your home as a potential buyer would. If your home isn’t at its best on the outside, with simple touch ups like paint, and landscaping we can get it noticed by the most picky buyers.

Setting the Stage

At  Haute Realty, We want your Open House to welcome buyers and give them a sense of easy living. I’ll help you do this by recommending changes that enhance your house’s features. I’ll advise you put out of sight things that give the impression of clutter. Surface areas like tables, desks and counters should be cleared off. We need to “neutralize” your home so buyers can imagine it as theirs.

Improvements directly impacting your bottom line include easy-to-fix items like cleaning baseboards, removing un-needed furniture, neutral paint, steaming carpet, polishing light fixtures, and window cleaning.

A well light home is critical and we’ll open curtains, and turn on the lights to help brighten the corners show off your place. Enjoyable music playing lightly and a nice fragrance flowing throughout your house will invite buyers to make an offer. We can incorporate cozy bedspreads, and throw pillows to make it feel welcoming. We want buyers to feel like your place is their future home.