Homestead Exemption

Homestead exemption & Tax Information For New Home buyers

As a new property owner, you are required to pay property taxes on your new real
estate property. It is taxed each year by jurisdictions including school district, city, and
county. When you purchase your property you will need to notify the taxing authorities
of your ownership so that the tax rolls will reflect your new ownership with the change.
Tax statements are mailed in October of each year. Taxes are payable on or after
October 31 as late as January 31 without penalty. Taxes will become delinquent on
February 1 and penalties and interest immediately start to accrue. If your mortgage
company has an escrow account, which is very common, make sure they have paid the
taxes each year for you will be the one that is liable not them if they are not paid.

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Tax Exemptions
On January 1 of each year, value, ownership and exemption status of the taxpayer is
determined. Several forms of tax relief are available which may reduce the taxable
value of your property. Applying for exemptions are the taxpayer’s responsibility. Some
exemptions will require a new form each year. Contact your appraisal district to learn
about which exemptions you qualify for and how to file for them.

To receive your exemption you must own the property and be living on the property on
January 1st. Your application must be applied for on or before April 30th. This is a free
service. If you receive mailers asking for payment you can disregard these and file
yourself at no cost. you may choose to pay an agency but it is a simple process.